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15153   2019-07-08 05:27 GMT       ↑ Наверх fish11fi

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1. Using the newest type of power transmission mechanism, driven by the main drive shaft row chain, eliminating errors and other gear noise.
2. Imported electrical control system, can according to customer requirements, configuration, lack of material means and lack of grain fill leak detection device removed.
3. Sub-machine uses a combination of: PVC forming, feeding, sealing a section of tropical aluminum cold forming, heat sealing, punching a section of the packaging can be split.
4. Using photoelectric control systems, PVC, PTP, hard aluminum packaging automatic feeding, automatic punching waste edge device to ensure ultra-long-range multi-bit synchronous stability.
5. Can be corrected photoelectric detection device comes with imported stepper motor traction, graphic printing on packaging, optimized packaging grades.
6. The machine is suitable for: capsules, tablets, injections, and medical devices and other special-shaped, lightweight food, electronic components sealed blister pack.
Technical Parameters:
Punch Frequency 10-35 (times/min)
Production Capacity2400 edition/hour
Max. Formed area and Depth70*110*26(mm)
Travel Range20-80mm( adjustable )
Standard Plate80*57mm ( adjustable )
Air Pressure0.6-0.8(M)
Total Power380V/220V 50Hz 3.0Kw
Main Motor Power0.75Kw
PVC Hard Pieces0.15-0.5*80 (mm)
PTP Aluminum Foil0.02-0.035*80 (mm)
Dialysis Paper50-100g*80(mm)
Mold coolingTap water or recycled water
Overall Dimensions1500*600*1200 (mm)
Noise target<75dBA
1. Forming (upper and lower heating)
2. Sealing (heating on)
3. Play yards
4. Indentation (can trace heating)
5. Cutter
6. Forming the output of finished
Machine Details Photos:

Blister Packing Machine

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