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Серия Crysis / Crysis / + Программы Crysis / Softimage|XSI: Crytek Plugin
Автор: Softimage   Дата: 2008-02-25 17:16   Рейтинг:   Комментарии: (2)
Версия: Beta 3.2
Язык: английский

Softimage XSI Plugin - бета плагин версии Beta 3.2 для SOFTIMAGE|XSI и CryENGINE 2 (Crysis).
С помощью профессионального пакета SOFTIMAGE|XSI Вы можете создавать новые объекты, элементы окружения, персонажей, анимацию, после чего экспортировать их в CryENGINE 2.

Официальный пресс-релиз:

Softimage|XSI Support for CryENGINE 2

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., Game Developers Conference 2008, February 19, 2008 – Softimage Co., a subsidiary of Avid Technology, Inc., today announced content pipeline support for CryENGINE 2, Crytek’s new flagship game engine developed in conjunction with the popular first person shooter PC game title, Crysis. The technology in CryENGINE 2 is designed for the latest computer hardware and supports visual, audio and interactive features that are currently unrivalled in the gaming world. SOFTIMAGE®|XSI® software developers worked together with Crytek to customize an export process specifically for the CryENGINE2.

“SOFTIMAGE|XSI software is an ideal choice for next-generation games, and its pipeline integration with CryENGINE will benefit game developers with a fast and efficient way to export 3D content directly to the CryENGINE,” said Michael Endres, art production manager, Crytek GmbH. “Content created in SOFTIMAGE|XSI software, and used within the CryENGINE™ 2 Sandbox editor, offers a streamlined workflow that enhances and simplifies the creative process in game development,” added Endres.

The combination of SOFTIMAGE|XSI software and COLLADA integration with the CryENGINE 2 is opening new doors in the realm of 3D imaging and character creation for next-generation games. As the complexity of game development mounts, with increased polygon-count models, complex characters and interactions, and higher resolution environments, SOFTIMAGE|XSI software is quickly becoming a preferred solution for developing games in the critically acclaimed CryENGINE2.

“Softimage has been working with Crytek to customize an XSI-based workflow that integrates seamlessly with the popular CryENGINE 2,” said Marc Stevens, general manager of Softimage, Co, and vice president at Avid Technology, Inc. “With the most powerful tools such as SOFTIMAGE|XSI software and CryENGINE 2, game developers will be able to go above and beyond the boundaries of realistic, immersive and adrenaline rush games.”

The following is a complete features list for the XSI Plugin Package from Softimage. This release is a beta version and will get improved and updated within the upcoming weeks and months. With the plugin you will be able to export all kind of assets from other modeling programs into the Sandbox2 Editor.

- Resource Compiler
- XSI example objects
- XSI test level
- XSI Addon for Crysis
- XSI Plugin Documentation

Video Tutorial
In addition to the whole package above for the community, the guys from Softimage even created a very cool video tutorial that shows step-by-step how to export an asset into the Sandbox2 Editor.


Additional Information
Below you find a quote of a post from Michael Endres who is Crytek's Art Production Manager:

"Just to let you knowm some facts about the plugin and some future outlooks.

1. The plugin is in beta stage - some things might not work in a streamlined way.
We will fix the bugs as we find them or being reported. This will also be a guniea pig for our documentation. We will improve it based on the questions we will be asked by users.

2. The plugin currently only supports cgf export.
We decided to split the development for the static part and the animation part of the plugin, and release it in 2 phases. This gives us the possiblities to get feedback from you on workflow, bugs and documentation, while we are working on the animation part.
We do not have a date for the next release, but Crytek is now commited to use COLLADA in the asset creation pipeline and therefore has a vital interest to create a stable animation pipeline soon.

3. the exporter supports: material creation, lods, occlusion objects, jointed breakable objects. It has almost all the features (OK - there is the capsule primitive missing right now) you need to create "static" assets similar to the quality and functionality the Crysis assets have.

1. Установите скаченную бета-версию 2.4 (подробную инструкцию по установке читайте в файле XSI Plugin Documentation_V24.doc или XSI Plugin Documentation_V24.pdf)
2. Скачайте и установите бета-обновление до версии 3.2 (4,2 Мб)
3. Скачайте и установите бета-версию Crytek Addon XSI Mod Tool (0.69 Мб)
* Скачать видеоурок по работе с плагином вы можете здесь (14.2 Мб)

Сообщить об ошибке / дополнить материал
Скачать: Softimage|XSI: Crytek Plugin
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Отлично, я как раз собирался к обозреванию XSI 6.!!


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